As the election gets closer, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Donald Trump to avoid questions about his lack of concrete policies, inflammatory comments, and controversy surrounding his finances. While his strategy thus far has been combative, his campaign advisers see the need to employ a gentler tactic: camouflaging into fall foliage.

Trump tested out this new approach at a recent outdoor press conference, when one journalist asked him about the recent scandal regarding his tax returns. Hesitating briefly, he then retreated backwards into some bushes.

His hair, already like a dry, dead pile of leaves atop his orange head, seamlessly blended in with the colors of autumn foliage behind him. With the addition of a brown suit, he thoroughly disappeared, leaving behind a crowd of flabbergasted reporters.

“Nailed it,” said a disembodied voice, followed by “Oops,” and then the sound of someone poorly imitating the rustling of leaves with their mouth.

With his poll numbers looking grim, Trump’s only hope is that the fall foliage remains abundant until November 8th.

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