After wife Melania Trump delivered a speech suspiciously similar to First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC address, the campaign to elect Donald Trump has found itself scrambling to contain yet another crisis in the midst of an already frantic Republican National Convention week. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Trump’s camp has flatly denied the charges of plagiarism, assuring reporters that the correct tape was loaded into Melania’s back before she spoke on Monday night.

“The idea that a member of Donald’s team — each of whom is a total professional, mind you — would load the wrong cassette into the Teddy Ruxpin-like tape deck embedded in Melania’s back is laughable,” a Trump spokesperson told reporters on Tuesday. “The tapes are clearly labeled. We would never make a mistake like that.”

When asked for comment herself, Melania — who will next appear alongside her husband at the convention on Thursday — was quoted as saying, “Please turn tape over.”

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