Donald Trump’s oft-incendiary commentary has known no bounds – but it seems the Republican candidate for president has finally gone too far by questioning the toughness of national treasure Kim Kardashian.

“When people like Kim come back from being overseas, and they’ve suffered some trauma, seen some terrible things… some people can handle it. You know, they’re strong,” Trump said. “But I’m not sure Kim can handle it.”

Trump was already facing national backlash after questioning the toughness of veterans with PTSD. However, his most recent criticism of Kardashian is believed to have pushed fans of the recently robbed Hollywood starlet over the edge.

“Kim is an American hero!” snapchatted Snapchat user DaisySnaps. “And she needs all the support she can get right now, NOT some jacka—“

DaisySnaps’ comments were then cut short by Snapchat’s 10-second recording limit.

The Trump Campaign was quick to issue a statement claiming that Trump’s comments were taken out of context, and that he believes Kardashian to be “a successful broad with a hell of an ass.”

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