Donald Trump came out in strong support of U.S. swimmers today, saying that he personally saw Ryan Lochte get robbed in Rio. “Folks, this robbery, it happened,” said Trump. “I know because I was there. Believe me.”

Trump elaborated on the story at a town hall in Wisconsin hosted by Sean Hannity. “Ryan Lochte is an American hero,” said Trump to loud applause. “I saw him walk into the gas station, and this guy, some people are saying he’s Hispanic, I don’t know, but this guy comes up and pulls a gun and robs him. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, folks, this is an incredible tragedy. I would’ve stopped it myself if I could’ve jumped of my limo in time. But my limo is very big. You gotta go a long way to get out of it.”

Hannity warned Trump that the biased media might doubt that he was in Rio because he was not photographed there in the past few days. Trump replied, “Well, that’s what they do, Sean. They lie to make me look bad. These people in the media don’t believe a man can fly to Rio, witness a robbery, and fly right back, because they’ve never done it themselves. But I do this, Sean. I do it all the time. I fly to countries and witness robberies every day.”

U.S. swimmers Lochte, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz said they appreciate Trump’s support but declined to publicly endorse him.

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