After a contentious debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, political analysts seem to agree that Trump has come out on top. It was one particular promise that gave Trump the edge over Clinton.

“If elected President,” stated Trump, “I will abolish all homework on weekends!”

The audience roared with approval, and shouts of “I hate homework on weekends!” and “It’s not fair because it should be our time to relax!” could be heard amongst the crowd.

Clinton shot back at Trump, arguing, “You can’t just get rid of homework on the weekends. You don’t have that power. It’s up to the individual teacher and what they think is an appropriate workload.”

Hillary was met with a deafening round of boos. “Homework sucks!” yelled one audience member. “You suck!” another echoed.

“Furthermore,” Trump continued, “I promise to make sure that all the vending machines are stocked with soda. I’m talking Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper— the good stuff.”

“You’re making these grandiose campaign promises you can’t possibly keep,” Clinton replied, exasperated. But her argument fell on deaf ears, as the crowd burst into a chant of “Homework Sucks! Homework Sucks!”

It remains to be seen whether Clinton can come back from this embarrassing defeat, but one thing is certain: she’s going to have to take a stronger stance against homework if she wants to win this election.

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