As members of the Trump 2016 campaign staff, we knew we’d get some amount of shit. People seem to take issue with Mr. Trump and his great ideas, and they take issue with us by proxy. It’s not fair, but we get it. Normally this kind of thing doesn’t bother us, but lately people are saying we’re “those Hyenas from The Lion King.” It’s hurtful and confusing. Why do people keep saying that?

The analogy doesn’t even make sense. If we’re the hyenas, then Trump is a bitter, mean, fear mongering uncle like Scar? He’s not an uncle.

It’s also saying he would ruin the economy by supporting a system of inequality and giving all the antelope to the top 1% of lions and hyenas. We don’t even eat antelope in America. Worst, it’s saying we’re his, what? Scavenger henchmen who do his bidding and cackle at those weaker and smaller than us and that we contain no real opinions of our own? Newsflash, we don’t laugh at them; we just ignore their suffering and concerns for their families and the future of this country.


Also, we barely ever bite each other.

So while we get the frustration of the leftist minority, we’d prefer not to be called something that doesn’t accurately reflect who we are. We’re much more like Biff’s friends in Back To The Future. Cool guys hanging out with a born leader with lots of personality.

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