At a rally in Laconia, New Hampshire, Donald Trump promised to stop ISIS “once and for all” by sending an elite team of American Ninja Warriors. Trump said that the American Ninja Warriors were the secret weapon that the country needed to deploy.

“Folks, I don’t know if you’ve seen these guys, but they’re fantastic. They can climb walls, they can jump over water, they do the whole thing!” said Trump. “Whatever ISIS puts in front of them – maybe it’s a series of rings, or a bunch of poles over water – it doesn’t matter. These guys are gonna get through it!”

Trump said he was amazed that no one had ever used the American Ninja Warriors before. “It’s unbelievable that I’m the only person who thought of this!” said Trump to the crowd. “I mean, we’ve been training these ninja warriors for seven years. Seven years, folks! And I’m the first person who wanted to put these guy to work? Incredible.”

The Trump campaign is already putting together a process to select which American Ninja Warriors will go fight in Syria and Iraq though a competition called “American Ninja Warrior: Elite Terror Squad.” The competition will be broadcast on Spike TV.

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