The next teaser trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has been released, triggering yet another wave of Jedi frenzy. If you think Star Wars is just for nerds, open your eyes, references to it are EVERYWHERE. Here’s 9 of TV’s best homages the epic saga we’re sure George Lucas would approve of (in no particular order):

1. ’30 Rock’s’ Liz Lemon as Princess Leia
Let’s get this one out of the way.

2. George Michael gets caught practicing his lightsaber skills on ‘Arrested Development’
‘Arrested Development’ paid homage to both the trilogy and YouTube star “Star Wars Kid”  when they caught George Michael in the act.

3. Sesame Street’s ‘Star S’Mores’
The food pun force is strong with this parody. Amongst its cast are Luke Piewalker and Flan Solo.

4. Patton Oswalt Filibusters Pawnee City Council on ‘Parks and Rec’
Patton Oswalt improvised this 8 minute re-telling of Star Wars when he guest starred on ‘Parks and Rec.’ In the words of the dark lord: Impressive, most impressive.

5. Homer spoils Star Wars
‘The Simpsons’ have paid tribute to Star Wars many, many times. Here’s just one of the times they ‘did it.’

6. J.D.’s Daydream on ‘Scrubs’
This is one of J.D.’s best fantasies.

7. ‘The Office’ “Halloweed” Episode
Dwight Schrute makes a pretty convincing Sith Lord.

8. ‘Family Guy’ Presents Blue Harvest
‘Family Guy,’ of course, fleshed out its own episode of Star Wars with the epic ‘Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest.’

9. Joey Fatone dances to Star Wars theme on ‘Dancing With the Stars’
This last one has gone largely unnoticed, but it’s definitely what composer John Williams envisioned for his legendary score.

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