As a society, we can agree that incest is wrong. Any combination of family members – mother and son, brother and sister, father and daughter, grandad and nephew, cousin and cousin and cousin – when we think about it, completely skeeves us out. It makes sense: evolutionarily, it would be unwise for us to splash our little genitals around the same gene pool, lest we procreate and force together troublesome recessive traits that might otherwise be safely flushed. This is why sexual intercourse between family members is deeply disturbing.

Except for twins.

Twins is the incest that is okay. When there are twins who might have sex with each other, we’ve all agreed that it’s very arousing. Well, not all twins.


The Winkelvoss twins are not sexy so it is still incest when they have sex. (Photo credit: Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images via


But definitely these twins:


“And twins!” The Coors Light twins will have sex together and with you. (Photo credit:


Here are the twins touching each other while they look at the camera sexually. They are sisters:


Incest is wrong but that’s not what this is.(Photo credit: Coors Light via


Isn’t that sexy? Sisters. Just two, closely related adult women who you could have sex with at the same time, while they have sex with each other. And then they go home to the same Thanksgiving and kiss their one grandma on the cheek. BUT NOT ON THE MOUTH JESUS THAT’S THEIR GRANDMA. But they might kiss each other on the mouth and then scissor in a twin bed. Nice.


Ohhh man look at that. It’s like two hot women but these two are RELATED. Very boner. (Photo credit: Coors Light via


Oooh lookie these twins!


Jk, that’s a mirror. Gross. Wish it was two related people.


Here are some twins pressing their breasts together:


Mmm their breasts are so similar. (Photo credit:


It’s okay. It’s incest but it’s hot twin incest. So all the rules of incest go away.

Everybody loves the idea of these two sisters who were born minutes apart, having sex with each other:

(Photo credit Terry Richardson via

(Photo credit Terry Richardson via

But men, please don’t hug your fathers or you are gay for them.

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