Well, thanks a lot Game of Thrones. For weeks I’ve been trying to think of a unique, meaningful name for my baby and I had finally landed on one. After countless hours of staring at his perfect little face and thinking, “What one-of-a-kind label can I give him that will really convey the lyrical urgency of city life,” I thought I finally had it. ‘Hold The Door Martin Jennings’ seemed like the perfect name for my precious little boy until GoT went and ruined it.


‘Ugh I Hope That Was Water Jennings’ doesn’t have the same ring…

I’ve run through a million possibilities in the weeks since his birth: ‘Where’s The Damn Waiter Jennings’, ‘Turn Your Light Off If You’re Not Taking Passengers Jennings’, ‘Curb Your Dog Jennings’ — all were contenders for my baby’s name. Then, as I was boarding the subway yesterday with my nameless little bastard I heard a tired, elderly man bellow, “Hold the door! Hold the door!” As the F train doors slid closed in ancient face, I thought, “Hold The Door — perfect.”

It’s common yet unique, simple yet supremely self-centered and demanding. It was the perfect name for my baby. He’d be the only Hold the Door in his kindergarten class yet there’s no ambiguity surrounding pronunciation. So you can imagine how steaming pissed I was to find out last night actually, there is another very famous ‘Hold The Door’. Thanks to last night’s GoT the number of children and dogs named ‘Hold The Door’ is going to skyrocket and I’m a screwed Snood.

So the hunt for a name continues. Incidentally, so does the hunt for my baby’s father. I don’t really care I’m just curious! Please leave thoughts on either topic in our Facebook comments.

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