Wow! After resorting to bankruptcy in the wake of a lawsuit funded by conservative billionaire Peter Thiel, Nick Denton’s Gawker Media has been spared from total destruction this week after being purchased by Univision for $135 Million.

Let’s see Donald Trump and the site’s conservative critics spin that!

That’s right, conservative haters: Gawker has been officially bailed out, salvaged by the world’s largest Spanish-language media company which itself is owned by the apolitical, controversy-free Haim Saban. Looks like those conservatives who reveled in Gawker’s destruction will be eating their words tonight with a side of humble pie, because there is ZERO way they can spin this victory for the freedom of the press!

I’d love to see them try, though. I mean, what even is there to poke holes in here? Nothing, that’s what.

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