Who says animals don’t have feelings? These furry friends prove not only that anybody can get along, but also that the rewards of friendship are more delicious than we could ever imagine.

Debra the Cow and Lenny the Lobster


Even though one is from land, and the other from sea, Debra and Lenny are two peas in a pod. They met after Lenny rescued Debra from a particularly mean scoop of creamed spinach, and have been best of friends ever since. According to their caretaker, the two even share a hobby: collecting shiny forks and knives, which they lovingly arrange around their porcelain nest.

Ralph the Hog and the Edgar the Chick


When the notoriously grumpy Ralph first came across Edgar, the young lad was cold, alone, and afraid. What was a hog to do? Something melted in Ralph’s heart that day, and he took the orphan under his snout, smothering his shivering friend in a warm blanket of hollandaise. Nowadays, locals most often see Ralph and Edgar cavorting about the neighborhood between breakfast and lunch.

Joe the Scallop and Laurie the Piglet


Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Joe and Laurie sure think so. After Joe was tragically impaled by a tooth pick during the 2014 Super Bowl, Laurie nursed him back to full health and brought the former recluse back out of his shell. Since then, he’s promised to never leave her salty, multi-layered embrace again.

Gobbles the Turkey, Dave McDuck, and Henry the Chicken


So a turkey, a chicken, and a duck walk into a bar—sounds like a bad joke, but it’s true! Hailing from different walks of the avian kingdom, these three pals are truly inseparable. This trio can usually be found snuggling up in a cast iron pan or drinking from a sweet pool of canola oil. Here’s a fun fact: the buddies all agree that their favorite movie is The Human Centipede. Looks like birds of a feather really do flock together!

Giggles the Pig, Pam the Cow, Neil the Goat, Dazzle the Horse, Bandit the Raccoon, another horse, etc.

Closeup of hot dogs cooking on outdoor grill.

Closeup of hot dogs cooking on outdoor grill.

Wow, talk about party animals! Whether it’s your little cousin’s birthday bash or the Fourth of July, this galloping gang of critters never misses a single celebration. In fact, they move around so quickly, that it’s hard to tell exactly where one creature ends and another begins. If you ever come across this packed bunch, you may find it hard to catch up, but will certainly relish the opportunity.

Dan Fitzpatrick is a writer and comedian based in New York City. You can read more of Dan‘s work on his blog, The Danopticon and follow him on Twitter @DannyFitz1020.


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