A family from New Jersey has fled their home after receiving a series of disturbing letters from a stalker that calls himself “The Watcher”. While much of The Watcher’s more disturbing correspondence has been featured around the web, we’ve been able uncover some of the more mundane messages he’s left for the family.

“You must tell me if you have young blood. I have attached a self addressed (by some bushes), stamped envelope. You can also contact me at my hotmail, but to be honest, the bushes is probably easier.” -The Watcher

“Are you sure you will want to go to work, leaving behind the young blood every weekday? I would like to know this information.” -The Watcher

“If the young bloods do attend school, might I recommend the elementary school a few streets up? My grandfather, who watched the house in the 1920s, and my father, who watched in the 1960s have boasted the great public school system in the area.” -The Watcher


“I am watching both young bloods play video games in the basement… But doesn’t the older young blood have a math test tomorrow he hasn’t studied for?” -The Watcher

“Maybe if you did not have to work such late hours, the young blood would not be so angsty with you right now.” -The Watcher

“There is more young blood in the basement now that you have both left on that anniversary weekend getaway. I am thrilled that young blood fills the basement, but I am wondering if they are being looked after — different from ‘watched’! :)” -The Watcher

“Are the young bloods supposed to be hiding cigarettes in my home (the bushes)?” -The Watcher

“The young blood and his female blood ‘friend’ have been in the car parked on the driveway for quite sometime now… Are they perhaps making new young blood?” -The Watcher

“Young bloods have been eating a little too much McDonald’s. The young blood still needs to get to goal weight for the wrestling team. I fear the young bloods are not aware that sports could help their chances at university scholarships.” -The Watcher

“I never thought I’d see the young bloods graduate. Today, my young bloods: you are old bloods.” -The Watcher

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