Urban Outfitters announced that they, for some reason, bought a pizza chain. Ok, sure, it has been awhile since Urban has sincerely sold clothes so why not pizza? But we wondered, what on earth is Urban selling (besides pizza) nowadays? After some in depth research we went ahead and made this handy pie chart of what WTF Urban even sells anymore.










As you can see, Urban Outfitters now sells mostly pizza. Coming in a distant second are Korean sheet masks and then a whole bunch of other stuff that its hard to believe anyone really buys.

We headed over to the Urban Outfitters in New York’s Herald Square to interview some shoppers. We asked over a dozen young, cool urbanites for their take on UO’s pizza acquisition. Every single person replied with some variation of, “Please leave me alone, I am trying to shoplift.”

It’s pretty hard to shoplift a slice of pizza, so, maybe they’re onto something?

Jackie is a writer/actor based in NYC. She performs on Harold Night at the UCB and with her sketch team DR DJ. You can follow her on Twitter @ohhijackie.

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