COLLEGES. WATCH OUT; Each one of the colleges across these 42 states. I just got my results back from the test house and I CRUSHED IT. When my mom opened the letter she CRIED. She was so happy. She cried and left the house for a whilleeee.

Total combined score: 1. Number one baby.

OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD I GOT NUMBER 1 ON MY SATs. Think about that Mr. Wallace! who said I was “extremely dumb and disrespect” I left a present for u in ur car and it’s my poop.

Number one on your SATs is hard but I worked really hard. I SAT down first during the test!! Which is how I got number 1. When u do that u dont even have to write ur name or pay attention. U can just draw AC/DC logos all over ur test and u can scream and u can eat a Burger King Whopper Jr. and spill it on the test.

SO yeah if you kids want to be NUMBER 1 like me. Sit down VERY VERY VERY fast. Then chill. Think about what AC/DC is up two.

Mrs. Ramirez = My tutor told me that no one has ever gotten a number 1 on the SATs and that I should be very unhappy with myself. Think she meant happy. Mom says best I can do now is work inside a garbage truck crushing the garbage with my feet. uhh OR YALE. See u all in college, I’ll bring whopper jrs.

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