The only thing Donald Trump loves more than designing very cool hats is being an asshole to women because of their appearance. Ironic for someone as (to put it kindly) busted-looking as Trump.

However, in this day and age where computers can literally create magic, we wondered what would happen if we Photoshopped Donald Trump to look as hot as possible, while maintaining his Trump-i-ness. We asked a professional retoucher (named Glenn Boozan) to take a crack at it. Here’s the original:

trump is not

After (literally) 3 gruelling days, here was the final Photoshopped version:

trump is hot

Um, okay.

Here’s what was done to his face:


– Hair replacement
– Eyebrow replacement
– Increased nose symmetry
– Increased eye symmetry
– Made eyes bigger
– Made lips bigger
– Wrinkle removal
– Pore reduction
– De-reddening, skin color correction
– Cheek lift
– Jaw enhancement
– Made ears smaller
– Lowered shoulders
– Jowl removal
– Neck tuck
– Added hot-guy scruff, which Trump is unable to grow himself
– Fixed his maybe-have-been-surgically-bleached undereyes

Is Trump hotter? For sure. Is he hot? Depends on how drunk you are. He definitely looks more like Warren Beatty or Kevin Costner. Even a little bit of Alec Baldwin in there. Also, with all this work done, he looks WAY more like, dare we say:

hot trump and melania

Similar, right??

Now this may feel like body shaming. But let us be clear: it totally is. However, we don’t care anymore. Trump has contaminated the world with so much derogatory trash that he no longer counts as a human. So to leave you, here’s a fun gif of Donald Trump turning from “not” into “hot” over and over again:

trump face hot photoshop


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