Everybody’s talking about what the kids from Friends look like now… but we wanna know what’s been happening to The Simpsons since 1989! Since cartoon characters don’t age, we found photos of all your favorite Simpsons kids and ran them through an 99-cent iPhone app to give you a scientifically accurate look at how they would look like now:

bart copy
Ay, caramba. We can’t believe how much this guy has changed!


lisa copy
If the Simpsons were around today, Lisa would be 87!


milhouse copy
From “geek” to “whoa what happened,” Milhouse isn’t as cute as he used to be.


ralphie copy
Ralphie, Ralphie, Ralphie! This silver fox has aged oh-so gracefully.


rod and todd
Rod and Todd
These two can thank God for how great their complexion looks after all these years.


nelson copy


kearney copy
Looks like now Nelson’s the one getting beaten up… by the hands of time.


maggie copy
Even after all these years, Miss Maggie is looking as beautiful and elegant as ever. Watch your back, Helen Mirren!


Whoa girls, should have stayed out of the sun. At least they’re still rocking that trademark violet ‘do we all know and love!

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