According to an article in the New York Times, Amazon is a horrific place to work. Workers are encouraged to sabotage each other, are routinely driven to tears at their desks, and “evaluated unfairly” or “edged out” after suffering from cancer or miscarriages. This article comes just a year after Salon reported Amazon’s brutal practices on the shop-floor, such as workers’ productivity being measured by machines and monitored by “nineteenth-century” style “overseers,” who would reprimand them for using the bathroom or “pausing to catch their breath.”  Work life at Amazon sounds truly abusive and terrifying.

Aw man but isn’t it so sweet to get a package from Amazon tho? 

You’re sitting in your underwear, dousing the underside of your laptop in hot farts, and you’ve just been guaranteed that your Fire HD-6 tablet will be at your door tomorrow.  You’ve conjured fire. You are a god. So how many human rights violations would Amazon have to commit for you to give up 1-Click ordering? Check out the scale below to see what level of shopping monster you are:



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