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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast is stacked with comedians and hilarious actors. Who makes you laugh the most?

Everyone makes me laugh a lot. I was a fan specifically of Joe and Chelsea’s comedy before the show began so it is an extra special treat for me to get to see them work.

Which guest did you most enjoy working with on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Who is your dream guest star?

If I had to choose one probably Craig Robinson, but they’ve all been fantastic.

Who is your comedy hero?

I have way too many to list them all, but off the top of my head: Sandler, Jim Carrey, Gilda Radner, Ferrell, Poehler, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, the Stella guys, the South Park guys, the Mr. Show guys, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Patton Oswalt. I’m forgetting hundreds.

Who do you admire who is up-and-coming in comedy? 

Nathan Fielder is probably my favorite “new” comic, but it’s a hard question to answer as most comics have been doing it for a while even if they’re not mainstream yet. Honestly, him and Chelsea (Peretti) are the two I’m most excited to see what they’ll do right now. I saw Chelsea’s stand-up special that’s coming on Netflix and it’s fantastic. But again, I’ve been aware of her as a comedian for a while so I wouldn’t say she’s new- but she’s fucking great.


What’s your favorite bad joke?

Why’d the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because it was dead.

When working with musicians as part of The Lonely Island, which artist surprised you the most?

I think Michael Bolton probably surprised us the most. He was constantly hiding behind doors and in closets and then jumping out and yelling “surprise!!!” I found that very surprising.

What are you most excited for viewers to see in the second season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The jokes. Our writers are killers. There are some serious laughs already this season. It’s a fun place to be.


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