Coffee shops are everywhere. On every street corner in every town in America. And inside each and every coffee shop is a hive of baristas who don’t want to be there. Baristas with dreams. Dreams large and small. Coffee isn’t their end goal as one might assume.

But if I showed you a picture of a barista, could you tell me its dream? Let’s find out, you confident bastard.

Barista #1

ACTUAL DREAM: “Singer-songwriter but one of the good ones. Jason Mraz good.”

Barista #2

ACTUAL DREAM: “Find my biological mother and see if she has superpowers too.”

Barista #3

ACTUAL DREAM: “To own my own third-wave specialty shop that uses single-origin, direct-trade beans and serves only perfectly extracted shots or a 45-min long ultra-slow-pour-over to customers who GET what we’re doing.”

Barista #4

ACTUAL DREAM: “Potato. That’s it.”

Barista #5

ACTUAL DREAM: “To ride on a plane. With Jason Mraz.”

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