Last night was the season finale of the Talking Dead (the wrap up show for The Walking Dead), and fans were not disappointed.


Recap: The show began as it normally does, with host Chris Hardwick introducing guests who are going to talk about the finale episode of Walking Dead (actors Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, and Lennie James).

Just as Chris Hardwick was starting to talk about Daryl, guest Melissa McBride swiftly stood up and pulled a samurai sword (from a sheath hidden beneath her dress), demanding to be made the new host of the Talking Dead. Chris, true to character, was taken aback because he wasn’t expecting to be threatened at swordpoint three minutes into this usually not violent show. Melissa (again, not a character but the actual actress) said, “Really? You knew this was coming. You knew it, Hardwick, you filthy little man.”

Then, in a VERY bold move, it was revealed that Norman Reedus and Lennie James were also in on the plan! Norman cracked his knuckles as Lennie James pulled out a piece of piano wire and wrapped it taught around his hands, drawing a little bit of blood. Melissa looked straight into the camera and said, “If you think this is fake, it’s not. We are going to kill Chris Hardwick and you will watch.”

Twitter was going bananas:

talking dead tweet 1

talking dead tweet_2

talking dead tweet 3

At this point, Chris was screaming pretty loud for help. It was soon revealed that the studio had been cleared out. The camera people, producers, makeup artists, all gone. It was implied that the three guests had done this earlier, but never explicitly stated in the dialogue (this also explained why the whole episode had been done in a single wide-shot).

Arguably, the best and only chase sequence ever on the Talking Dead ensued: Chris ran around the studio, pleading for his life and dropping all his index cards. One of the coolest moments in the show was when Chris, in a total “Nicholas” move, grabbed a hot lightbulb with his bare hands and ground the glass shards into Melissa McBride’s eyes. This was a total surprise for fans of the show who expected to see Chris Hardwick just sitting there, not having to fight anyone to the death.

After the commercial, the broadcast cut back to find Lennie had jumped over the coffee table, shattering their water mugs and getting more blood all over his nice pants. Chris then made the dumb mistake of going for the door. This put him in a vulnerable position and the three guests cornered him, forcing him to his knees. Norman screamed at him, “Are you a comedian? A talk-show host? MAKE A CHOICE.”

Ignoring the SWAT Team pounding on the studio door, Melissa took Chris Hardwick’s delicate little jaw into her hands and delivered what is bound to be the most-quoted line of the season: “This is our recap show now.

Then, in the huge twist everyone will be talking about at the water cooler: they didn’t kill Chris Hardwick. Instead, Norman forced the sword into Chris’ hands and made him perform a samurai honor suicide by slicing out his own intestines.

Total. Shocker.

But that’s what makes the show so good. Viewers had no idea Chris Hardwick was to meet an untimely death-by-forced-Seppuku, considering the entire season thus far has been a series of pleasant conversations about Amercia’s favorite TV show, The Walking Dead.

The finale left us with an incredible cliffhanger: will Chris Hardwick be back for the next season? Dead-heads think that’s unlikely, considering he gutted himself with a samurai sword. Are Melissa, Norman, and Lennie going to be the new Talking Dead hosts? Will they eventually relinquish control of the studio and give themselves up to the police? Did ANY mugs survive?

What do YOU think will happen on the next season of The Talking Dead? Comment below!

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