After the release of Donald Trump’s tapes glorifying sexual assault, Hillary Clinton leads nationwide polls by double digits. Insiders close to the Clinton campaign say the former Secretary of State is considering “doing something really stupid just for fun” because she can afford to lose a few percentage points and still win the presidency. Friends of Clinton say she’s always wanted to do something really stupid “just because,” but that’s not usually an option female politicians who often see consequences for random dumb stuff they do, unlike male politicians who have a few fun passes.

The campaign is being secretive about what this totally stupid thing will be, but sources close to Hillary herself say denouncing dogs, threatening to cancel Girl Scout Cookies, and kicking Stevie Wonder straight in the face have all been discussed.

With Glenn Beck, John McCain, and Condoleezza Rice all encouraging the conservative base not to vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump, the stakes are even higher for the stupid thing Hillary might do. She could literally do anything and still win. Some say Hillary has considered streaking during the World Series, apparently a lifelong aspiration of Mrs. Clinton’s.

Not everyone believes Clinton has what it takes to do something stupid, with many Washington insiders saying she’ll end up blowing the stupid thing and doing something practical instead, almost by accident. “She’ll try to kick Stevie Wonder in the face and end up just demonstrating a martial arts move to promote healthy living. Just watch,” said an anonymous GOP staffer.

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