Add another tally to the EPIC FAIL category! Father of three Jerry Franks just went to the recent Twenty One Pilots concert, despite his stated intentions to attend the 24th annual Aviation and Aeronautics Convention (AAC) as professional development for his job as a technician for a major domestic commercial airline.

“As I approached the arena, I thought ‘wow, it’s great that there are so many young people interested in the field of aeronautics,'” Franks recalled. “But as the lights lowered, and the music started, and there were no aviation-related booths or demos or panel discussions, I got the sense that I might have been in the wrong place.”

The band began their two-and-a-half hour set, and at that moment, Franks quickly realized that he had, without consciously knowing it, been waiting his entire life just to hear their uniquely haunting soundscape.

“I have a wife. I have three daughters that I love more than anything else in this world,” said a shellshocked Franks, clad in one of the seven t-shirts he purchased immediately after the show. “But nothing has ever clicked for me like it did tonight. This concert is where I was always meant to be. Always.”

Franks was fired from his job, an experience that has fortunately freed him up to “check out the upcoming phishing expo, which is weirdly being held online, not at a bait and tackle shop.”

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