Okay, we’re going to share something with you, but we are apologizing in advance because it is insane and disturbing and there is no preparing you for it. It involves speedo clad men casually swinging babies — who look okay with it all?! — and also there’s snow? It adds up to something very… special? That’s not the right word.

If you are willing to watch it, here you go:

Questions we have:
•Are those real babies?
•Where are they?
•When are they?
•Why is this happening?
•How are their babies arms and legs still attached to their baby bodies?
•Can… like… can babies do that?
•Are the babies…enjoying this?
•Are these some sort of special freak babies?
•If they are dolls, can someone buy those dolls? Where?

•Are these men the fathers?
•Why are they in speedos in the winter?
•Why are the men, at that one point towards the end, bouncing the babies directly across from each other?
•If one of the babies were to fall, would they merely dust it off and go right •back to the flinging?

•Who is the woman far in the background?

• I want to say this was made in eastern europe but that’s racist? Right?
•“Time for the annual swinging of the newborns”…is that something a town crier cries out before this nonsense begins?
•Fuck, I feel like warlocks are involved, right? This is sorcery?

•Is this a part of a series?
•Am I going to get in trouble for watching this?

•Swinging that one baby but just one limb might be the worst part except for all the other parts. Right?
•They seem to be shaking the babies out… like they are purses full of change, right?
•Is the point… that all babies actually love this?
•Now I’m starting to feel okay about all this. Wait no I’m not. But is it okay?
•No it’s definitely not. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

We are all so upset. Ugh, we think this is a real thing. Let’s all go on vacation.

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