With 74 million subscribers and counting, on-demand video service Netflix has a movie for everyone- and with users uncovering caches of secret category codes, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect movie for a cozy night in. Exploring their vast library though, there’s one glaringly obvious question that keeps jumping out at me: why doesn’t Netflix have a category for movies about magic basketball shoes?

While Netflix users can currently search for everything from “screwball comedies” to “dramas based on books”, movies about magic basketball shoes remain a genre woefully underrepresented by their current categorization system. Why aren’t all the movies where a young boy lets the glory bestowed unto him by magic basketball shoes go to his head only to learn that he had great b-ball plays inside him all along available in one place?

I’m talking about a Netflix category for movies like 2002’s Like Mike, starring Lil’ Bow Wow and Jonathan Lipnicki- movies where a kid gets a pair of basketball sneakers that may have belonged to a great basketball player, and then those sneakers get zapped by lightning, endowing their owner (in the case of Like Mike, Lil’ Bow Wow) with sick basketball skills. Or movies like 1993’s Rookie of the Year, except not about baseball and not about getting good at sports because of a freak injury. Imagine Rookie of the Year with basketball and a pair of magical shoes, and you’re on the right track! That’s the best kind of movie.


Calvin (Lil’ Bow Wow) tears it up in his magic basketball shoes. (credit: 20th Century Fox)

And let me squash the tired argument that “there just aren’t that many movies about children and magical basketball shoes.” It’s a truth of every marketplace that supply follows demand. If Netflix took it upon themselves to create a category for movies about magic basketball shoes, there’s no telling how many great movies about magic basketball shoes we could look forward to! Movies like 2006’s Like Mike 2: Streetball, or movies like if the 1999 movie The Matrix was about basketball instead of the Matrix, and it was magical shoes that led the rag-tag crew of the Nebuchadnezzar to victory against the machines instead of Neo.

“Tearjerkers” gets its own category, though? “New Zealand movies”? Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy”? Give me a break, Netflix- and then give me more movies about magic basketball shoes. They’re a slam-dunk!

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