Chalk this one up to a marketing mishap? The latest trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story apparently features no actual footage from the upcoming film, and is instead just a three-minute music video of Jar Jar Binks singing Drake’s 2015 hit song “Hotline Bling”.

“The whole ‘showing explosions and other cool stuff from the movie’ thing is so overdone in the trailer industry,” explained the trailer’s editor. “So I asked myself – what really gets people going? And the answer was simple: Drake. But even more than Drake, Jar Jar Binks singing Drake.”

The trailer has largely infuriated fans of the Star Wars franchise, though sources at the recent New York Comic Con reported hearing “You-sa used to call mee-sa on my celly phone” throughout the convention.

“It’s just so…catchy,” said one fan. “I mean I hate Jar Jar Binks, perhaps more than anything in this world. But watching him dance in that Technicolor box…it changed me. It’s changed us all.”

Lucasfilm considers the trailer “a massive success” and thus has ordered a re-write and re-shoot of Rogue One effective immediately.

“Yes,” confirmed one studio executive. “There will be Jar Jar. And there will be Drake.”

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