Crowned the winner of the 2015 Westminster Dog Show no less than a week ago, purebred Beagle Miss P was arrested last night by the Los Angeles Police Department on charges of possession. The incident occurred at 3:30am on Friday and Miss P is being held without bail.

Investigating a noise complaint at a North Hollywood dog-friendly motel, the LAPD discovered a leashless Miss P passed out among the contraband, which included 4 kilos of Snausages, 6 grams of Beggin’ Strips®, and a Kong with half the peanut butter licked out of it.

“This kind of thing is to be expected when an already vulnerable individual gains overnight success,” claimed psychologist Barbara Verin, a specialist in addiction for dogs, which is a real thing. “No one teaches you how to suddenly cope with the pressure of a thousand flashbulbs, paparazzi asking you what flea collar you’re wearing.”

The hound’s trainer issued the following statement: “We appreciate your support but request that you respect our privacy at this difficult time.” Sources close to the beagle say she’s “learned her lesson, that’s for sure. She was a bad dog. A very bad dog.”

This is Miss P’s first arrest.

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