With the first Presidential debate only hours away, many are speculating on how the matchup between Trump and Clinton will play out. While both candidates have been prepping for weeks, Donald Trump’s brash and unpredictable debate style has been a concern for Clinton. However, in a statement released Monday, Hillary assured her supporters that she is thoroughly prepared to go head-to-head with Trump and, most importantly, is “fully pumped up on Beyoncé.”

“I have to admit I’ve been worried about this,” said one supporter. “I know Hillary is knowledgable and experienced. And she claims she’s pumped up on Beyoncé, but it’s hard to say what extent. Has she been listening to ‘Flawless’ or is she going for deeper cuts, like ‘Diva’?”

A representative for the Clinton campaign clarified, “Hillary has been listening to Lemonade on repeat over the weekend. While ‘Formation’ has been crucial building her confidence, she also has a dance she does to ‘Sorry’ that really gets her hyped. We feel that this will give her an edge over Trump, who as far as we know has not been listening to any Beyoncé at all.”

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