This week, the nation realized just how broken the US education system is when President Obama shared a letter written to him by a six-year-old boy from New York.

The letter expressed the young boy’s desire to help another young boy, Omran Daqneesh, the Syrian boy in the ambulance who recently captured attention worldwide. The letter, with its poorly spaced handwriting and simplistic sentence structures, had many US citizens finally demanding that something be done about the state of our schools.

“It’s unbelievable that this has been going on and nobody is doing anything about it,” said one concerned citizen. “Our government needs to take action and put an end to this atrocity. It is so easy to simply ignore these things and go about our everyday lives. Thank god for this letter and how it has opened everyone’s eyes to these problems at home.”

Othr upset Americans offered up a theory as to how the system could have ended up like this.

“Hell, it’s because we’ve been letting in too many damn immigrants and refugees,” said one man. “They’re clogging up the system and stealing all the knowledge that should be going to American kids.” It is truly incredible how powerful the words of a child can be.

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