A recent analysis by website FiveThirtyEight shows a map of what the election would look like if only women voted, and it turns out that Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide. This revelation has left many curious as to how the election would play out if other demographics were isolated. For instance, what would happen if only babies could vote?

Now, traditionally babies have not been able to vote, due to the fact that they are under 18. However, that doesn’t stop us from conjecturing what might happen if they could vote, because we can do whatever we want.

As it turns out, if only babies were voting in the 2016 election, it would result in an exact tie between the candidates, by default.

Let’s break down why this might be:

-Babies have the most to gain from a paid parental leave program, and Hillary Clinton offers the most comprehensive plan. For this reason, we might deduce that babies prefer the Democratic candidate.

-Babies are one of the most uninformed group of voters, perhaps due to the fact that they cannot read. In addition, children do not generally develop a sense of sympathy and awareness until around age 7. This would lead us to conclude that they have much in common with Trump’s core supporters, and would therefore lean Republican.

-In the first years of life, babies tend to bond more with the mother, which might give Hillary Clinton an edge as a woman.

-It is possible that babies find Trump more relatable, due to the fact that, much like themselves, he has only a tenuous grasp on the English language.

Ultimately, though, the most pivotal factor leading to a tie is the fact that they have no way of getting to the polls, or knowing what day it is, or even having the slightest awareness of what a presidential election is. This is because they are babies.

Wasn’t that fun? Up next: who would win if only barnyard animals could vote?

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