Some voters are issues-based, some are partisan, others are attracted to the personality of the candidate. But with everything that’s at stake in the 2016 election, how can you cast your vote with confidence if I haven’t seen Hamilton? I think it’s careless, even dangerous, for the American electorate to choose the next leader of the free world without considering how the course of history would be different if I saw Hamilton.

For instance, what if after I saw Hamilton I had some great historical insights that would influence the way we thought of the modern political landscape? I might say something that would really make you think. After I saw Newsies, I said “huh, makes you appreciate unions, huh?” and my friend Nancy was like “wow, yeah.” Something like that could happen in a bigger way, but since I haven’t seen Hamilton, it’s impossible for us to know for sure.

Some might say “why don’t you just listen to the soundtrack”? OK, that’s not the same and you know it. I’m not going to spoil seeing the show — and possibly the future of the United States — by listening to the soundtrack. I already know there’s a song that’s like “my shot” or something and I wish I didn’t. This is the future of America we’re talking about — I’m not just going to listen on Spotify, thanks.

Just a reminder: people died for the right to vote. And because I haven’t seen Hamilton, you’re just going to throw it away on an uneducated guess, basically.

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